Google Goggles

As for those who do not know about it yet, Goggle Goggles is a downloadable image recognition application created by Google. Inc. Google Goggles is quite easy to be used, all you have to do is just take a picture or the barcode of the things that you’d like to know and the information will be automatically browsed. 

Business Model

  • Key Partners : Google, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Instagram, and Amazon
  • Key Activities : Search engine, advertising and regular update of the features
  • Key Sources : Program developer, IT experts, researchers, marketers
  • Value Proposition : An easier way to access search engine via mobile devices by image recognition system
  • Customer Relationship : Accessible free information for anyone, user friendly, and membership
  • Distribution Channel :
  • Customer Segments : Any gender, mostly young to adult, and regular user of internet
  • Cost Structures : Research and development cost, maintenance cost, employees salary, program developer cost, marketing cost, brand license
  • Revenue Streams : Sponsorship, advertisement, and partnership


  • Substitute : Substitute the use of google mobile 
  • Combine : Combine the feature of taking pictures in mobile devices and search engine
  • Adapt : Adapt the image recognition system
  • Modify : Modify the way search engine works
  • Put to other uses : Google Goggles can also work as a social media platform
  • Eliminate : Eliminate the need to manually input the data 
  • Rearrange : Rearrange the workflow of the search engine

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