on writing

I do not mean to brag but i have to admit that i have a lot of interests. One of them is writing. I love to write and am in love with the idea of writing.

So, if i am asked what was the most innovative thing that i have ever done, the answer would be writing. When i was a kid, i wrote a lot. Mostly fucked up fairy tales or mashed up urban legends. Was it good? Meh, i don’t know. To put it precisely, i sincerely do not think that i care back then. All i could remember was the feeling of being capable to made something out of these hands. Every time i have finished writing something i was left with this triumphant feeling inside my chest. Like i have made something that is worthy to humankind. Lord knows i am WAY below that. Yet, the feeling was beyond words. Inexpressible.

And then internet hit the earth.

Coolest people went online. And yeah, as a social human being (although i am claiming myself to be a proudly introvert) who needs recognition and stuffs, i decided to blog. My thought at that time : Oh wow this dude wrote something about his dog and everyone is digging it. It’s totally funny. Why can’t I? Ah yes, please do remind me that i can’t and shouldn’t do that the next time am showing signs to do it.

Although i am still amazed that apparently my other blog which i have been running for 3 years has some actual readers. A question i have been meaning to ask them : Do you guys have too much free times or what? Well anyway, blogging is fun. At times, i get a lot of comments. There were those who praised me or simply wanted me to visit their blogs back and etc.

There was once this time when a favorite blogger of mine who have published a book, commented on one of my post and she said that my writings reminded her of Chuck Palahniuk’s. In case you did not know, Chuck Palahniuk is a sensational man. One of the best author ever existing. I felt Godzilla screaming in happiness inside my chest after reading that comment. However, there were also moments too when i am feeling…..insecure. I realized that others wrote good writings too and who am i to be compared with them? I felt like shit. Until the blessings came. I thank God for my friends for the constant reminders that mine are also good in my own way.

So yeah, writing. I found myself to be in this position to be able to reach people through my writings. To give my voice. To let people imagine. And perhaps, to inspire. If that is not called innovating, then i don’t know what else is.


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